We will schedule six sessions over a period of time, typically six weeks at up to an hour each. You will have phone and e-mail access to me in between our scheduled sessions. Each session will end with an assignment and begin with the review of the last assignment. Typically, we would work together on creating your presentation from scratch, which would include the following:

  • The strategy of your program including audience analysis
  • Determining your goals for the presentation
  • Speech writing and review of what you have written
  • Addressing the logistics of your program
  • Identifying the purpose of your speech (to inform, entertain, inspire, etc.)
  • Letting go of fear
  • Handling questions from the floor
  • Preparing  for hostile audiences
  • Review of your technology (Power Point, videos, audio)
  • Rehearsing the entire presentation
  • Final feedback and answering questions

Depending on what is expected of you we can also cover:

  • Preparing to speak on or moderate a panel
  • Preparing to be a master of ceremonies
  • Refreshing a tired or outdated presentation
  • Other topics as needed

The fee for this service is $3,000. Follow-up assistance, if needed, is charged at $175/hour up to the date of your engagement.



This is a quick, efficient way to get up to speed if you know who you will be speaking to - and when - and know what they want you to cover.  We will work together in two sessions totaling one day to cover strategy, logistics, and your goals and objectives for the speech.

We will review what you already have written, assess the subject and text or outline, recommend best ways to approach it and work on the language. We will then conduct the second session and you will perform your speech as we give notes and make suggestions each time you practice your delivery.

The fee for this service is $1,500. Follow-up assistance, if needed, is charged at $175/hour up to the date of your engagement.



Depending on your needs and schedule, we will provide assistance with:

  • Speech Writing. We can develop your speech from the beginning and write it in your own voice or edit and re-write what you have already begun. The fee for this service starts at $2,000.

  • Group Training. You provide the participants and we schedule a two-day training session in a classroom with a small group (six is an ideal number). We have enjoyed great success with the Executive Speaker Workshop which allows all participants to learn from and help each other. The fee for this service starts at $6,000 plus expenses. 

  • Develop Communication Strategies for working within your organization, outside your organization, with other organizations, with other individuals, or with the public. This strategic service is provided on a contract basis with monthly retainer.