A fantastic presentation – when it was over I couldn’t wait to prepare a speech.  I hope that someday I will be able to give a speech just as well as Mr. Tooley. 

Energetic, concise speaker, held the interest and attention of the group.  Dynamic personality.  Excellent presentation. 

One of the best speakers I’ve listened to.  Fantastic!!! 

Super excellent delivery.  I learned a lot and feel I have gained confidence.  WOW what a speaker. 

He was an outstanding speaker and was able to relate to problems most of us have. 

Thank you as much for your empowerment as your content. 

       (Comments above are unsigned evaluations from training seminar participants)


Chuck was the Mentor of my break-out group. Chuck's knowledge of the issues related to climate change was thorough and well spoken. His enthusiasm was contagious, and his motivation inspiring. Over the course of the next several months I consulted Chuck for his assistance in preparing my first climate presentations, seeking advice and support for the work I was beginning.  I owe much of my success to Chuck, and have been inspired, stimulated, and encouraged by Chuck and his dedication and motivation.

Frederick W. Stoss, Science Librarian

University at Buffalo, New York



Your Commencement address was fantastic. You caught the attention of all in attendance and held that attention throughout. The standing applause following your address was the first ever in my memory and a truly rare level of recognition for a Commencement speaker anywhere.  

Dr. Ronald Sexton, Chancellor

Montana State University – Billings

Chuck Tooley has great ability as a speaker. He is eloquent. He is inspiring.  He can capture an audience and move them to action. He moves people with regard to the great issues of the day. I am pleased that Chuck is using these gifts to encourage a new generation to tap their own strengths and become leaders for the future generation that this society so desperately needs. 

Dr. Michael Kinnamon, General Secretary

National Council of Churches - New York

Wow, what a terrific speech you gave at Rocky Mountain College convocation! I have been forced to attend 16 years of such gatherings. In that time no speech has come close to impressing me as much as yours did.

Professor Gerry Roe

Rocky Mountain College

I have been all over the United States and have heard many, many mayors speak. You are, by far, the best I’ve ever heard. 

Bob Ross

Beta Sigma Phi International


Fortunately, Mayor Chuck Tooley put it all in perspective with a brief but eloquent speech. Say what you will about the mayor’s politics, but grant this: No mayor in these United States handles the ceremonial functions of the office more gracefully.

The Billings Outpost

Billings, Montana

I have lived in this city my entire life and you are, by far, the most eloquent mayor we have ever had.

Donald Lee 

Billings businessman

I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I was, as were so many of my fellow Legionnaires, with the content of your speech. Neither our National Commander nor the US Senator could hold a candle to your meaningful message.

Walter Hilberg

American Legion Convention

...  most inspiring … so much heart, so much passion, so much exuberance! You have relit my candle and reignited my spirit, and I feel permanently connected. Thank you and congratulations on a truly great presentation!

Susan Hatfield Ivison

Queensland, Australia 

Your address was influential, dangerous, and incredible. I was amazed at the message. I was motivated to write to you, to speak to my classes, to carry the message you spoke. Thank you. Your speech was poignant, and true. 

John Kinnear

Fremont, California

I love what a patriot [Chuck Tooley] is ... an outstanding citizen and believable and inspirational. I’m a very patriotic guy, you know, and he touches a person, and makes you think about what a great country we live in and how we value freedom. I value freedom really deep and Chuck brings that out—and what America stands for. 

Ben Steele, retired art professor

Survivor, Bataan Death March of World War II

I have seen him inspire rooms as small as 20 and as large as seven or eight hundred. Different age groups, businessmen, young people, high school students, college students. What drives everything Chuck says is integrity and a cohesive message. 

Ed Steele, theater director, playwright, actor

New York

Students find Chuck accessible and interesting, motivational and inspirational.  If you are looking for a program that will motivate and inspire your students I highly recommend that you work with Chuck Tooley.

Rev. Kim Woeste

University Campus Minister


I had the privilege of listening to Mayor Chuck Tooley speak at a veteran's luncheon on the Rocky Mountain College campus. As a veteran myself, his comments and vision for the future resonated with me.  In particular, he encouraged the veterans to take leadership positions in our society and continue their pledge to serve America. 

As I looked around the room during his speech, I could see both attention and pride on the faces of the veterans. Each one of them had once sworn "to support and defend" the USA. Mayor Tooley inspired them to again honor that oath as college graduates in their civilian careers. It was a superb speech, masterfully delivered.

Scott Wilson

Captain, USN (Ret.) 



I saw you on the News Hour … I was impressed by your grasp and discussion of the issues. Charles Stewart Goodwin

Cotuit, Massachusetts

Command of the high ground belonged to Mayor Tooley.

L. Jack Whitney

Corvallis, Oregon

Your analysis … was excellent.  You made your points strongly and I compliment you on that.  The people of Billings should be proud of their mayor.

Richard C. Farrell

North Hills, California

 … thank you for your sensitive, thoughtful and enlightened point of view. It is a long while since I have heard a public official express himself so openly for the public good. 

Clare Lazas

New York, New York

… I was strongly impressed with your remarks. I don’t know if you are familiar with the philosopher Mortimer Adler, but you sound very much like him. It is very refreshing to hear someone in politics address the idea of commonwealth instead of selfishness. We need more political leaders who see with your vision of inclusion in society …  

James R. Lucas

Las Vegas, Nevada

Thanks for the splendid presentation on News Hour.

Harold Braun

Missoula, Montana




Chuck Tooley holds the distinction of being the longest-serving mayor in the history of Billings, Montana. He retired undefeated after serving in the leadership of the US Conference of Mayors, as President of the Montana League of Cities and Towns, and with a record of accomplishment in urban revitalization and human rights. 

A US Army veteran of the Cold War in Europe and the ground war in Vietnam, Chuck was in sales and marketing for large corporations before he founded Tooley Communications. He has also served as a trustee or director of educational, cultural, and service organizations. He is currently Chairman of the Board of the Burton K. Wheeler Center for Public Policy.

From deep family roots in Montana, Chuck lived in cities throughout the U.S.A.  He travels in foreign countries and spent eight years in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. He has served on the boards of international NGOs, including the Population Institute in Washington DC and Global Ministries based in Indianapolis. In 2005, Chuck traveled to Cyprus as one of six leaders funded by the Ford Foundation to begin the planning for a Middle East Institute for the Study of Peace.

In 2010, Chuck received the Jeanette Rankin Award from the Institute for Peace Studies, joining previous recipients Senator Mike Mansfield, Senator and Ambassador George McGovern, and Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen. In 2019, Forward Montana awarded their Rock Star Hall of Fame award to Chuck and his wife Joanie for inspiring young people to become politically and socially active.

Chuck is a popular speaker, MC, moderator, and radio and television guest.  He has inspired hundreds of audiences from Montana to California to New York; from Kansas City to Mexico City to Jerusalem.  With all that experience, Chuck created the Executive Speaker Workshop, a two-day crash course in public speaking for executives and other professionals. After years of positive response to that training, he has now started coaching individual clients in public speaking. Through Tooley Communications, Chuck and Joanie also continue to offer strategy development, speech writing, public relations and related services.

If you have a principled vision for your organization or for your own place in the world, Chuck will help you develop the skills to make that vision a reality.